Does my child need an ENT specialist?

The parents and caregivers of young children know that kids get sick with numerous ailments any time of the year. So how does one determine when to seek out a pediatric ENT specialist?

Starter ENT questions to ask yourself

  • Does the symptom or condition keep coming back? (ear infections, nosebleeds, etc.)
  • Has it never really gone away? (Lasted a few months or longer)
  • Is it affecting your child’s quality of life? (allergies, dizziness, trouble sleeping)
  • Could it make breastfeeding or eating difficult? (tongue ties and lip ties, trouble swallowing)

Ear Infections If you’ve ever taken care of a young child you know how often an ear infection can occur.

First, you’ll likely already see a pediatrician for the child’s first few years of life and that may be suitable for your given situation. But at what point do you want to seek out a pediatric specialist? Reasons to consult an pediatric ENT for ear infections include: Ear infections that require multiple prescriptions for antibiotics A ruptured eardrum during an infection Consistent fluid in the ears (lasting more than several months) More than 4 ear infections in a year

Nose Conditions Whether it’s recurring nosebleeds or sinus infections, these are never fun ailments for little ones.

However, seeking out a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) may be a good option to seek out proper treatment. If excessive and seemingly unwarranted nosebleeds occur regularly, your child may need to be treated by an ENT specialist.

Snoring When a child has been snoring heavily for months on end, their quality of sleep suffers due to frequently being woken up throughout the night.

Or if you might sense the child stops breathing at night, then a comprehensive examination by a pediatric ENT specialist is warranted. This exam could involve a camera being used in the child’s nose to view the upper airways to determine the proper treatment.

Specialized Care for Kids Pediatric otolaryngologists do treat common ENT issues but also have specialized training in caring for children with more advanced or complex problems.

This includes disrupted/noisy breathing (impacted airflow), neck growths or masses, abnormal voice changes, other ENT-related conditions or diseases. There are a lot of tools and expertise at a pediatric ENT’s disposal at Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat. Plus, we’ve built great relationships with partnering specialists like audiologists to support your child’s needs to receive the best in comprehensive ENT care.

Types of Pediatric ENT Services Available With Dr. Manteghi joining the practice, we have a Pediatric Otolaryngologist on staff ready to care for your child’s specific needs and treatments.

We offer a wide range of pediatric ENT care services, like hearing tests, treatment of hearing and balance disorders, ear tubes, air, food, and sinus passage exams, voice disorders, tonsil and adenoid surgery, and many other types of surgical and medical care for chronic ENT diseases. Our pediatric otolaryngology team offers compassionate support from initial consultation through treatment and recovery.

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